FAQ about Ecodin

What is Ecodin?

Ecodin is a revolutionary new form of digital payment and the first ever green crypto - currency  designed to help fund a variety of green projects all over the world while simultaneously being used in ecommerce as a form of payment for goods and services.

What is the maximum number of ecodin in circulation?

There is no limit. Ecodin is only issued when someone buys it, same as bitcoin is issued when someone mines it. Nobody can issue  a single ecodin without it is backed by intrinsic value - that can be FIAT currency, property, gold etc. Ecodine is not pre-mined and has no circulation limit. It is free of any government or private organisation influence, and no one can change the rules or issue ecodin without approval.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is an open-source distributed payment protocol and a the trading platform where you can buy or sell your ecodins. It enables free and instant payments with no chargebacks and in any currency — including dollars, yen, euros, bitcoins, and even loyalty points. Businesses of any size can easily build payment solutions, such as banking or remittance apps, and accelerate the movement of money on Ripple. Ripple enables the world to move value like information moves today.

What can I do with my Ecodin?

When purchasing the ecodin the individuals or organisations  has option to keep it as an investment or trade with it. Same as the bank would do with saving account or current accounts. It gives Green deal board an option to know what quantity of the ecodin will be invested into the green economy and what will be used for immediate trade.

How is the value of Ecodin determined?

Ecodin, unlike crypto currencies has intrinsic value and it's based on an average price of production of 1 kWh of electricity. Unlike Fiat money Ecodin is medium of exchange which does not derive its value from government regulation or law. It is a commodity money, which is based on a energy. Unlike gold which has no real usefulness apart from jewellery and it’s price can dramatically change in value, ECODIN which is backed by the price of energy and especially green energy is essential for our existence and its value is stable and is slowly increasing. The energy is the real money and Ekodin utilises it.

Who Issues Ecodin?

Ecodin Foundation is the body that issues and regulates Ecodin and makes sure that all the abides by its rules and regulation. It is internacional body and it it’s membership is open to wide spectrum of government bodies, individuals, companies and organisations.


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